HAIKU - Paradise

Directed by
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The needs we rely upon, negative or positive, to take us to our dream-like place.

Louise de Nexon is a Paris born, New York based director. In New York City, she paired with new artist Haiku to create a world, smaller than originally planned due to the pandemic, that visually portrayed the double feeling of Haiku's song 'Paradise'.

Paradise is a song that explores two worlds, linked by one thing: alcohol. In this music video we see Haiku demonstrate life according to substance abuse, the highs and the lows. Haiku first described what she envisioned for it as “that time between late night and early morning”. While this one’s a bit of a dark ride, it brings together a lot of elements that are staples of her world, trying to build bridges with her inner child. 

Haiku “Paradise is really about crutches. That thing you’re holding on to to feel better when everything else is failing apart. Whether it’s a substance, a person or an environment, as long as it feels good, you’ll keep relying on it to bring you to that place where everything has faded away. Your own little Paradise. But there comes a time where you realize the paradise in an illusion. The magic always dies. I think the song captures that place where you’re stuck between the illusion of your Paradise and a reality you’re trying to escape - this moment where you can’t quite choose which way to go.”

Louise de Nexon 'When I first listened to Paradise, I felt like it was a very joyful song. It transported me to hot summer days, a bright blue sky, the scent of sunscreen - maybe even a fruity cocktail. But as I dove deeper into the song, paying more attention to the lyrics, absorbing the melody. I started wondering if the world it brought me to, was actually covering up for a darker truth.
This song is about alcohol abuse, and the easy escapism it offers. And just like a drink can, it had fooled me, taking me to a happier place.
It’s that very idea we shaped the music video around. Capturing the use of substances as a way to escape reality, the video dives into the world Haiku is trying to get away from, and brings us to the world where she goes.
If the alcohol is the key that allows her to enter a seemingly beautiful place, everything that follows represents the ups and downs of addiction. A happy dance. The loss of control'


Artist - @ha.i.ku

Director - @louisedenexon
Producer - @elinastreet & @louisedenexon
Cinematographer - @zoesimone.y
Steadicam Op - @hoi_franz
1st AC - @haleyjshaw
Gaffer - @konstantin.dp
Key Grip - @sheehan.josh
Swing - @tristanalexdeoliveira
Editor - @jamesdayton
Color Producer - Blake Rice
Color - @parkerjarvie at @company_3
Construction - @chateaubrooklyn
Make up Artist - @lanalikeaboy
Stylists - @jax_wc
Set Designer - @setsbykat
Art Director - @stadleralec
Set Decorator - @dardepunkrock
Choreographer - @itsemmarosa
Graphic Designer - @tomespinos