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With a mind split down the middle, what is the limit of love?

London based filmmaker Beatrix Blaise made a video that echoes the split mind we have when in love. I am Boleyn's lyrics << It's kind of crazy this side effect, getting emotional so fragile I could break>> is seen through the torn dance between Boleyn and her other mind.

Blaise << I wanted to replicate the layers of emotion that we feel in a testing love and to encapsulate that in an other worldly experience >>

Boleyn <<Limit of Love’ is about the secrets that we all keep, the dark feelings or guilt that we hold very close but one day have to show someone to really love them and let them love us. What is the Limit of Love? What could we find out about someone, or reveal about ourselves what would push those limits too far? In the end, the honesty of sharing our real selves is liberating and leads to a deeper connection.>>