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Magical realism and glasses that make men disappear with the help of Curandera witchcraft

Filmmaker Nina Reyes Rosenberg's Invisible Men is a colorful, tongue-in-cheek response to the everyday sexism that women experience the world-over. Frustrated by cat-callers and mediocre white men being promoted ahead of her, a young woman visits a botanica to confide in a Curandera, who gives her a pair of rose-tinted glasses that make men disappear. She and her girlfriends rule the streets, dancing to the beats of reggaetonera Ms Nina. 

I’ve often wished that I were invisible, altering what I wear, or which route I take, to avoid harassment. How sad is it that we are the ones who take responsibility for our own oppression, and feel that we must change ourselves in order to avoid it? Ultimately, this is a story about empowering ourselves and liberating our feminine magic in the theater of daily life. How would the world be different if women took center stage, and men stopped owning our experiences? Invisible Men is a fleeting fantasy of belonging in a world that isn’t ours. 

The film is peppered with references to Curanderismo and Brujería practices, and Nina views the process of filmmaking as a spiritual experience.

A lot of my work tends to be a little bit surrealist or more magical realist. For me it’s such a profound idea that someone you don’t even know could watch something and engage with something you’ve created and see the world a little bit differently. To me that’s magic. It’s very spiritual. I always say that movie theatres are like my church.

Written, Directed & Produced by Nina Reyes Rosenberg

Starring Hunny Tinted and Marlo Su

Director of Photography: José Andrés Cardona

Co-Producer: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto