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Never let your lover dance away.

'Let’s Live Well', is Savanah Leaf's most recent collaboration with Jazzanova and Jamie Cullum. The music video follows a pair of young lovers guided by raw energy and connection yet simultaneously tied to lyrics spoken from a place of reflection, warning one not to let love dance away.

Savanah says 'It’s a beautiful image to think what happens when you release someone’s ashes: Do they dance upon mountain tops? Do the they run through barren fields? Do they swim with ocean currents? I imagine all of the above. So for ‘Let’s Live Well’ I wanted to depict a poetic interpretation of this idea, revolving around the desperate attraction and liberation that comes with letting go. Although the idea I had in mind stems from a story of a deceased lover, the concept can be extended to the feeling one has, desperately trying to hold onto their first love, much like the themes of this song.'