Kit Sebastian - Agitate

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A rallying-cry to stop those that are powerful and unjust.

Merve Erdem is a filmmaker and musician born in Istanbul, who has studied, lived and worked in Rome, US and the UK. Merve's is both a director and one half of the duo Kit Sebastian (the other half being Kit Martin). This music video, therefore, is a complete ode to Merve's (alongside Kit's) identity and beliefs.

Agitate is a rallying-cry against pacification by the hegemony, the dominance of one powerful state or being over another. It is a recognition of how it feels to be strongly opposed to social inequalities. And yet unable to demonstrate this feeling in such a way as to make a change because of the already-shaped and multi-layered injustices of social history. Whereby the past is idealised, selectively remembered or forgotten.

The video and song call its listeners to remember, act against injustice and question figures of authority in our daily lives.
Agitate the first track to be released from Kit Sebastian forthcoming sophomore album, “Melodi”, which will be released on 1st October.

Merve Erdem 'Inspired by late 60’s Italian and French cinema, I wanted to make a video about solidarity and struggle / rebellion. Setting it in an industrial space seemed significant as factories, once the engines of modern production shaping labor practices, aesthetics and power relations, are now mostly the abandoned territories of the past. Here, we can read the dreams and disappointments of human progress.
The video reflects on two sides of how we relate to the past and how we position ourselves within it politically. On the one hand, it recognizes its beauty and is nostalgic about it; on the other hand, it reminds us of the inherited socio-political and gender inequalities, and encourages us to fight against them.'



Producer, Director: Merve Erdem @safinazfinaz
Cinematographer: Andrei Pacuraru @andreipacuraru.dop
Production Designer: Madison Pelley @madipelleycreative
Hair and Make-up Artist: Margherita La Scala @margheritalascala
1st AC: Jay Whittington @jaywhittington
2nd AC: Martin Eito @martineito
Editor: Merve Erdem @safinazfinaz
Cast: Kit Martin @kit45prm, James Collymore @jamescollymore , Madalina Sas, Evan Piermont, Madison Pelley @madipelleycreative