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A woman works through her feelings in a one-take wonder

Directed by the Montreal-based Maïlis Roy-Lessard, this music video for Can't Let Go by Laroi features a woman dancing through an empty room, freeing herself through movement. In a single take, the core of who she is is revealed simply and purely - by witnessing the raw balance of her vulnerability and strength.

Roy Lessard 'I’ve always liked everything shot in one take. I find it impressive. It’s also the way I feel the most connected with someone’s emotions because they’re in ‘’real time’’. When building the concept, I thought it would be more captivating if the video took place in a sequence shot, creating a powerful connection with the subject. We wanted to create a world around the dancing and the video itself. That gloomy vibe makes the audience feel like they’re entering another dimension/universe. We’re inside LaRoie head and we have access to a strange, unique and powerful place. For the artist and I, this music video really portrays the inner battle one can have within themselves and the power of giving your emotions the place they need. It’s okay to feel conflicted.'


Directed by MAÏLIS
Dop : Vincent Gonneville & Ti'Brin
Producer : Éric Robillard
Executive Producer : Laroie & MAÏLIS
Art Director : Alexandre Lechasseur-Dubé
Choreographer : Catherine Thibault
Dancer : Laroie
HMUA : Ashley Diabo
Stylist : Masha Sitnikova
Steadicam operator : Kes Tagney
Key grip : Vincent McDonald
Chef PA : Marie-Laurence Asselin
Produce by : Stukely
Colorist : Martin Gaumond
Vfx artist : Benjamin Gagné

Thanks to : Antoine Ryan, Mtl Grande, Stukely, Gisèle Gauthier Traiteur, Melvin Martin, Outpost Mtl, Kenny & MJ Déziel

Lyrics by Laroie
Music by Laroie and G.T
Produced by G.T
Mixed by Peter Van Uytfanck at "Studio Tous les Jours"
Mastered by Ryan Morey