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In a fantasy roadside bar a lonely cowgirl and a dyke trucker share more than just lusty looks.

Lonely Cowgirl is a queer, lesbian romance that takes place in a fantasy roadside bar. Within this western-themed utopia, a sexy, queer exchange takes place between Lonely Cowgirl and her love interest, a dyke trucker. The video is full of high drag, lusty looks and John Waters-style weirdness. The night is young, so pull up a bar stool and enjoy the ride!

Directed by Lydia Garnett, whose also in the band, Lonely Cowgirl features the band Trouble Wanted, and performer Lilisque. A team of creative talent from London's queer scene designed the lighting, art direction and styling to make the four walls of this surreal and otherworldly saloon feel like it could be 1970 or 2030.  

Garnett "How often do we get to see queer women's stories on screen, and how often do queer women get to own their fantasies?
As a queer team and band, we had the freedom to create our own narrative and represent ourselves authentically on screen: the gaze and the story was ours alone. We created a story of seduction, a funny, sexy powerplay and a very queer exchange. There was a collective energy and joy in the production that came from being able to live our fantasies on screen and create something that we all wanted to watch."