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Lovers fallen astray, existing in memories.

Shot in San Bernardino Valley, the visuals marry Get To You Again and Soon, two tracks off the artist Mac Ayre's nascent LP Something To Feel. “Get to You Again is a song that I wrote about getting back into my stride as a songwriter and producer, while also dealing with the hardships of a long distance relationship,” Mac says. “This video is a representation of the latter. It tells the story of two people that are separated geographically yet constantly thinking about one another." Filmmaker Undine Markus lays harmonious gentle clues of left lover's objects as well as flashbacks of sweet memories to translate the evolution of a relationship saddened by the gap between.

Markus, "It was an absolute pleasure working on Mac's very first music video with such a strong female-led crew, from Executive Producers to stylists and production assistants. Go check out the incredible Grace Bukunmi and Angella Choe that lent their perspective and helped make this happen!"