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To be forgiven for something unforgivable.

Two paper Moons is a heart-wrenching music video for Matt Holubowski set against Northern Quebec’s coldest landscapes, imagined by Montreal-based director Caraz and gracefully filmed by cinematographer Kristof Brandl.

For this specific piece, Caraz wanted to convey that we all deserve to be forgiven for something unforgivable. Her collaboration with Matt Holubowski was very intuitive.

When his first love, the intense and enigmatic Clara, abruptly loses her life, Axel who hasn’t seen her since their brutal separation few years ago, is now forced to return home. At the funeral parlour, greeted by glances of divided joy, Axel takes advantage of a long afternoon to recall the surreal moments of a distant winter when he fell in love with Clara.

Caraz << Matt is a blessing to work with, he was genuinely open to my my ideas, perhaps because I gave him a listening ear from the beginning and took the time to let his univers sink in before I start writing. I think we just get each other.” The production was very hard to pull off, the team had a short turn around and very little budget. It wouldn’t have been possible with the tremendous efforts of the producers Elise Lardinois and Samuel Caron. They even had to drive down from the shoot location to NYC in order to develop the 16mm film as quickly as possible, and it was a 16-hour drive. >>