Maud Geffray - Break

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A stirring music video about the awakening of desire between two boys in a chicken farm.

French filmmaker Roxanne Gaucherand's latest music video depicts a young relationship between two boys in Summer.

The two characters are brought together after a motorcycle accident, where Gio is rescued by Emax, a young local farmer. To pay for his motorbike’s repairs Gio works on the farm with Emax, and sparkles of desire begin to shine.

Produced in Belgium, though shot in rural France, this film sets a nature loving tone for a burgeoning love that feels light and harmonious.

Roxanne Gaucherand "At first listening, Maud’s song reminded me of an emergency, a powerful emotion on the verge of explosion. I read into it as a story of young desire, a bit "emo ».

With my collective Kokoro, we try to create ”missing” stories and images. Or at least, stories that our communities miss. In this video, it’s the story of two trans boys falling in love on a farm but their identities or relationship are not the conflict.

They are young bodies of desire and life outside gender norms. The representation of rural queers really matters, as it is often stereotyped or involving violence with the outside. It’s as if countryside and queerness were not compatible. That’s why I really admire Alain Guiraudie’s work for example. I think a lot of queer people are very preoccupied by ecological issues and are willing to think outside of cities.

Also, we thought it would be fun to make a more happy and documentary version of Brokeback Mountain."


Music/performer: Maud Geffray /// IG: @maudgeffray
Recording company /// IG: @pan_european_recording
Cast: Emax Lamoulie, Gio Ventura, Etienne Godart /// IG: @emaxlamoulie, @drague.prince
Director: Roxanne Gaucherand /// IG: @roxannegaucherand
Director of Photography: Raimon Gaffier /// IG: raimon_gaffier
Producer: Betty Lamoulie /// IG: @b_tchy_
Editor: Léo Parmentier /// IG: @leo_parmentier
Sound: Laurène Lamoulie /// IG: @cookie_la_moula
Colourist: Loup Brenta / Cobalt /// IG: N/A
Location manager: Laurène Lamoulie /// IG: @cookie_la_moula
Motorbike body double: Alice Godart /// IG: @alicetradog
Stylist: Harmony Coryn /// IG: @harmonycoryn
Diffusion: Caroline Dedenis /// IG: @monicamonaco_