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Four friends enjoy the last days of an endless summer on Mediterranean island. Camille, the youngest, is pregnant.

It's the last days of an endless summer in the island of Corsica. It's too hot and there is nothing left to do. In the middle of nowhere, four girls are bored. But Camille, the youngest, is pregnant.

Sun-drenched short about a young girl going through an unwanted pregnancy is a work of French intersectional feminist and filmmaker Marie Léa Regales. The main topic of abortion touches further on topic of personal freedom over our bodies and power of choice.

The notion of power and learning to take your power, is really what mattered to me the most while making this film, says Regales.

The film isn't a political film, but with a subject like this, you're always political, in a way. To me, the film is a way to open a dialogue about abortion, and reproductive rights.

The film was shot on location in Corsica by almost entirely female crew which is very important to Regales as a filmmaker and feminist.

​As a director, I just want the films to be seen, to travel, to open some gates. ​The crew was major part female, and I find it so inspiring to be able to put our sisters on board with us on our own projects. I'm working on a most recent short film, which is another feminist oriented story, but about grief this time, and was shooting with almost 100% girls in the team. We must show young girls that they can do whatever they want by doing just so! We​​ ​need more films made by women and for women, and we need to show our girls films made by women to help them believe they can do anything.