Might Not Wanna Wake Up

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Visual experience of the five stages of grief

The idea for the  self-directed short film of rising Finish music star Lxandra took shape after her visit to her grandpa's magical old, slightly spooky abandoned house in Finland's countryside.

Lxandra says: "The house has been standing untouched for years and years, and it’s a very cinematic place–a ruin that holds so many memories. The house where much of the film takes place represents an old self or a past relationship and it’s a last goodbye to that. It travels through dreams and memories and the five stages of grief until it’s finally time to let go.

Though they didn’t end up filming there due to safety reasons, the place inspired the story, and the feeling the original house evokes is present throughout the final product.This film is a joint effort of LBTQI+ creatives, shot independently in Finland. It is meant to represent the five stages of grief in a captivating and cinematic settings.


Written and directed by Lxandra  @lxandrahere

Produced by Nita Rehtonen / Breakfast @rehtonen @breakfeast.helsinki

Director of photography: Iiris Sjöblad @iirissjoblad

Starring: Kashika Arora @kashiaroraa & Alexandra Lehti @lxandrahere

Editor and dramaturge: Nina Ijäs @ninotchkagram

Choreographer: Ima Iduozee @imaiduozee

Assistant choreographer for FU4EVER: Samuli Emery @sambbba

Production manager: Grace Kyanza @gracearmo

1st Assistant director: Fiona Eloné @fionaipu

Production design: Elle Orvokki Mikkola @ellevoila

Production design assistants: Essi Mikkola @essi_eirene & Provecence Kevina @keikey23

Stylist and costume designer: Marié Grace Iradukunda @maluwizz  

Stylist assistant: Antti Nguyen @antti.ng

Make up and hair artist: Fatma Bendris @fatmabendris

Make up assistant: Juho Lehiö @lehiojuho

Gaffer: Eemi Lehto @eemilehto

Best person: Tiia Hyyryläinen @tiiahyyrylainen

1st AC: Henrik Leppänen @eyeswidesharp

Color grade: Sarrah Wilkman @sarrahwilkman & Juhani Vuorisalo @juhanivuorisalo (Grade One)

Graphics: Sara Särkkä @noitakallio

Sound design, foley and additional score: Benjamin Lehti @benleh

Music: Lxandra @lxandrahere

Casting: Ima Iduozee @imaiduozee & Nita Rehtonen @rehtonen

Runner: Ozioma Anyamele @ozioma

BTS Photography: Andre Pozusis @andrepozusis

Thank you Elsa Mäenpää, Kinos Rentals, Pontus Restaurant, OKM, Konstsamfundet, Svenska Kulturfonden.