Millie Turner - Concrete Tragedy

Directed by
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Holographic camera trickery brings Millie into an alternate reality.

Julia Brown is a director from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their love for experimenting with camera trickery, effects, and playful imagery made them the perfect match for Millie Turner's song 'Concrete Tragedy.'

Concrete Tragedy is a result of experimentation. Using holographic style prisms and cyclical actions of artist Millie Turner on a trampoline the magic-like images were brought to life.

Brown, 'I wanted to work with Millie the minute I saw her, I thought this playful artist will love the little prism experiments.'


Music - @millieturner

Commissioner - @ashkhalliburton

Producer - @lisaincahoots

Director - @julia_fiona_brown

DOP - @mkpcamera

Stylist - @miamaxwelll

Gaffer - @jasperclarkson

1ST AC - @adam_feeney

Cam Trainee - @sacksss

Hair / Make Up - @nickibugs

1st edit - @diet_clinic

Grade - @lizo_glennard