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Anime inspired story about uncertainties of love

Israeli born filmmaker Sivan Kidron cites her interest in animation particularly down to how storytelling, cinematography and illustration come together in a dream-like world. Her work focuses on an intimate way of expressing these inner dream worlds. She says the inspiration for the film came from the feeling of longing for someone.

Based in South Korea, home of the artist, the film blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

The idea behind the 'Take Me' music video is this feeling that you sometimes get of trying to forget someone while everything seems to remind you of him/her. The song talks about the uncertainty that comes with love and we wanted the animation to play on that,  Miso came up with some of her own sources of inspiration, including anime, and I could relate to it right away. I grew up on anime and I am very much influenced by Japanese animation. 

We wanted the animation style to be dreamy and romantic, but also sexy and a bit different. I am in love with Korean cinema, so when Miso said she wanted everything to happen in Korea, I allowed myself to draw some inspiration from there as well.