Mooier Als Je Lacht (Prettier When You Smile)

A three-part music video, following the daily lives of four different women.

This three-part music film is co-directed by Flo Meijer and Sophie Straat and centers around the daily lives of four women. They find themselves in everyday situations dealing with annoying and aggressive men, facing belittling behavior, and fighting catcalling. At the same time, Mooier als je lacht (in English: Prettier when you smile) celebrates women and girls, friendship and last but not least our moms.

Director Flo Meijer said: 'With the film, we didn't want to make a literal translation of Sophie’s songs but to translate the larger message of her album into three short films that flow into each other. Men who are only interested in men's soccer and get aggressive when things don’t go their way, men who belittle you, men who catcall you for wearing a short skirt. But also women who play soccer, the ambitious woman who expresses her disappointment in anger and aggression, the mother who is always there for you and the discomfort of taking a pregnancy test: it's an ode to friendship, womanhood and the idea that together you can take on the whole world - it's all in the film.'

The artist Sophie Straat added: 'It strikes us that incidents we experience as young women are not just incidents but structural problems. We want to tell our younger selves that they are not alone and cordially invite them to shout along. We also want to put the men in their place, and if they dare, they too are welcome to shout with us.'


Bartender - Ana Sofia Gonçalves @anasof_goncalves
Footballer - Zoë Love Smith @zoelovesmith
Referee - Roxy van Koningsbruggen
Coach - David Spanish @davidspanish7000
Mum - Christine van Stralen @christine_van_stralen
Friend 1 - Mei Mei Huizing @z3n._.z3n
Friend 2 - Maili Dumont
Group of men - Anne AJ Hulst @anneajhulst, Bob van Loon @bernardovanloon, Callum Aan @callum_aan, Keke Baas @kekebaas, Thor Hermann @thor_hermann_

Written and directed by Flo Meijer @ffloot and Sophie Schwartz @sophiestraat

Producer - Rosa Duvekot
Line Producer - Lisa Barnard @leesabarnard
Production Assistant - Isa van der Horst @isavdhorst
First AD - Boyke Lubbers @boyke.marie

DOP - Lola Mooij @lolamooij
1st AC - Pepijn Nuiten @pepijnnuiten
2nd Unit 'Mooier als je lacht' - @davidspanish7000
Gaffer - Berend Holtkamp @berendhansholtkamp
Gaffer 'Mooier als je lacht' - Erwin Smit @erwinsmitlighting
Best boy 'De vergiffenis' - Kenny Nagelkerke @kennymcgizzle
Best boy 'Mooier als je lacht' - Roan Groothuis @roangroothuis

Art direction - Gem FZ @gem.fz
Ass. Art Director - Julia Bartelds @bajuuls
Set Dresser - Sally van der Salm @sallyvandersalmon
Styling - Nikki Vekemans @nikkivekemans
HMU - Desiree Schouten @desireeschouten

Edit - Festus Toll @fesfood
Edit - Steffie Lahaye @slworkss
Grading - Fernando Barrientos @fernando_barrientosdop
Final mix - Wieger Hoogendorp @wieger.hoogendorp
Graphics - Geke Zaal @gakaloca
Online and deliverables - Festus Toll @fesfood

Thanks to Aernoud Bourdrez @bourdrez
Thanks to the FC Ankaraspor board and in particular Hayati Kulaksiz for the use of the uniforms @fcankaraspor
Special thanks to Café ‘t Sluisje @cafehetsluisje
Forever thanks to @mintfilmoffice

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