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An adult content creator runs into her subscriber with her parents.

Diana is a young woman whose primary income comes from her Onlyfans account. When forced to go for house viewing with her mother, she meets one of her 'subs' and her reality shifts. At the heart of it, Moving is a modern coming-of-age story. It’s about personal growth, the thresholds of adolescence and the shifting power dynamics examined from a feminist angle.

I chose to make this film, Moving, after hearing stories from my female friends about their side hustling experiences, specifically adult content creation. When the pandemic struck, the idea of shooting explicit content at home and earning a source of revenue in uncertain times became an epidemic on its own among young people. The discussions we were having around the concept of picture selling, its ethics, relations to feminism and empowerment were very inspiring for me. I based my protagonist, Diana, off of those women and started to shape the story. I questioned what would happen if one of them fell for a person through these apps, particularly when they’re always advised not to. What would happen when an adult content creator meets their subscriber face to face? And what would happen if that happened in front of their parents?

It was important for me to find the sweet spot of showing that adult content creation can be an empowering position to be in, but one that also comes with complications. I think seeing complicated female characters who are handling the pressures being put upon them is something a lot of people can relate to. I believe these can transcend the timeline and because of that, it speaks to real human experience.I hope this film makes you wonder, question, laugh and feel for Diana. Feel for women who are messy, who are defensive and reckless at times but also kind-hearted, compassionate souls who are trying to work out how to modulate everything all at once.


Director: Seyma Dag @seymadag

DoP: Roz McCormick @roz_mccormick.22

1st AD: Colleen Bell

1st AC: Mona Khanzaya @monakhanzaya

Sound Mixer: Maya Gilmore @maya.s.gilmore