Murderer in the Moonlight

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Driven by her loneliness, MERIT summons the moon goddess Selene - a dance of toxic limerence unfolds as they fall in love.

As MERIT summons the moon goddess Selene, she is in complete awe over her handcrafted perfection. Performed by pole dancer Mateva, Selene represents the embodiment of a divine feminine. Overcome by an overwhelming desire for complete bodily devotion, an obsession unfolds that turns deadly. Did MERIT want her too much?

Directed for artist MERIT by Julia Jalyschko, who says: 'I believe the themes Murderer in the Moonlight is touching on are almost universal and relatable to so many. Obsession, co-dependence, toxic back and forth in relationships. Having confused a state of limerence with love a few times myself, I aimed to capture exactly that. I wanted to play with what seems like a serial killer trope of an ‘accidental murder’. Loving something so hard, you actually kill it. Motivated by old Horror and drawing from references such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, I wanted to create a very specific type of ‘witchy’, magical world - with a sapphic twist. One of my main focus points was to use imagery of voyeurism without sexualizing, reclaiming a female gaze. As someone with a dance background, working with contemporary choreographer Anastasia Dzhun and pole dancer Mateva was both an honour and such a pleasure. The choreography really is the center piece of this and brings across the essence of the story.With every one of my productions, what I’m trying to create - especially on set - is a safe space. No male egos, everyone meets each other at eye level. Notably, the production consists of a team of 90% from the FLINTA community (female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans, agender). Standing up for diversity behind the scenes to create an empowering and inclusive artistic environment where everyone feels heard, seen and respected is incredibly important to me.Completely self-funded through the community around us, Murderer in the Moonlight is a passion project that means the world to us. For both Merit and I this represents everything we want our art to be. It would mean the world to have this piece of work be featured by you.'


Artist: MERIT @hernameismerit
Moon goddess: Mateva @matevaa_

Director: Julia Jalyschko @juliajaly
Producer: Flo Ried @floistheanswer
Director of Photography: Elisa Daniel @elisadaniel18

AD: Alexandra Stockhammer @alexa.hammer
Production Coordinator: Ula Wróbel @vvroobel

Steadicam Operator: Kristin Freia @kristinfreia
1. AC: Michelle Romero Pasternack @michelleromeropasternack

Gaffer: Ayşe Alacakaptan @aysealacakaptan
Best Girl: Sina Daryaei-Tabar @__sinusitis__
Lighting Technician: Hannah Kähler  @moloko__cocktail & Selani Thomas @selanifranchesca & Rodrigo Caceres @raverodri

MUA: Julia Kunaeva @thepiscesbitch
MUA Assistance: Aurora Ogtong @arasunrisemakeup
Stylists: Arabella Romen @arabellaromen & Pia Lucia @pia_lucia

Set Design: Charlee Armstrong @unadored
Set Design Assistant: Emma Roudine @em_rdne
Silver flooring built by Joan Ling-Li Nesbit-Chang @joanlingli

Choreographer: Anastasiia Dzhun @ddjunna
Catering by: Lena Becker @lnbckr_16
Setrunner: Nuel Neguse @nunu_nuel

Editor: David Kavaler @david_kavaler
Colourist: Erik Hellfeier @ricki.erikson

BTS Photographer: Lia Kalka @la.lia & Jasmin Fichte @vasamari
BTS Videographer: Vanessa Hafner @itsnotvanes
Management MERIT: Mina Graefe @janefinn17

Special thanks to:

Raphaela Mayr @raphaelawho
Doering Media @doeringagency

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