My Cousin's Wedding

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Decisions in love, impossible in love?

My Cousin’s Wedding is an anti-rom-com that focuses on the nature of love and the impossibility of making decisions.

This Brooklyn-based short film is a whirlwind full of the spectrum of human emotions, interrogating our ideas of loneliness and the pressure of making life-changing decisions within the context of romantic relationships. Characters enter and exit declaring their love, then taking it back. My Cousin’s Wedding asserts the idea that every decision is the right one as long as you make it.

Clea DeCrane “Why are decisions so impossible? Why do we overthink a choice until the possibility of making it becomes entirely theoretical? This happens to me when my brain isn't ready to face what my heart wants (or doesn't). I wrote this short film in the midst of making that realization. I was also, at the time, re-watching my favorite rom-coms -- Moonstruck, My Best Friend's Wedding -- and realized one of the staples of that genre is that the characters make life-changing decisions with a rare and bold confidence we often lack in real life. I wanted to write a rom-com where the characters were more doubtful -- where they second-guessed themselves and spun around and around and around before choosing and un-choosing love, which felt more true to me and my fellow millennial late-20-somethings. I hope you enjoy this love letter to the over-thinker."


Actors: Lindsley Howard - @drawohyelsdnil,

Susannah Perkins -- @susannahperkins,

Ugo Chukwu -- @ugolessinsta

Ian Bossung -- @phillipino.

DP: Brendan Swift -- @brendanswiftdp

Steadicam Op: Kira Handel -- @kira.handel

1st AC Tommy Chan -- @tommy____chan

2nd AC Aude Yosa -- @audey_v

Loader Nicole Chow -- @nicoleshannonblue

Key Grip Sean Girton -- @onbeingsean

BB Grip Hana Kim --

HMU Brianna Chin -- @makeupwithchinny

Sound Mixer Dolmar Pedro -- @dolmarp

Boom Op Samuel Pérez -- @samuelpm8

Producers Lena Hudson -- @lenahudson & Station 26 Productions -- @stn26productions

Editor Brendan Swift -- @brendanswiftdp

Colorist Tristan Kneschke @metamyther

Sound Design -- Ash Knowlton @ash.knowlton

Title/Credits -- Elaine O'Malley @merceselaine

Music Christopher Sears -- @christophersearsart

Written & directed by Clea DeCrane -- @cleadecrane