Namy x Ayoni - Disco Dancing

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80s, Sci fi, and a heroine entangled in a thunderous moment of attraction with a stranger...Disco Dancing.

Born in France, half Spanish, half Asian Hanaé Sanchez is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. When her university course was pandemic-disrupted Sanchez decided to kickstart this project by pulling together other UAL students who wanted the creative outlet. The result is a music video for producer Namy and artist Ayoni's track 'Disco Dancing,' and with it perhaps, a remedy for our 2020 blues.

The music video starts with a heroine on a special mission, as inspired by Ayoni's magnetic voice.  But the tale delves into something deeper when our heroine feels a sudden inner conflict of attraction and repulsion on a first meeting with a stranger. Disco Dancing descends into full 80’s sci-fi, where the characters are hit by 'love thunder,' fight their animal instinct and enter into dance/fights where both question their feelings. Ultimately love surpasses all.

Although the music video was shot in a crypt in London, the collaboration with the music artist revolved around a lot of artistic trust as the music producer, Namy (aka Yutaka Takanami, known for labels such as Snowk and Namy&) was based in Japan.

Sanchez "With Disco Dancing I wanted to play with genres, mixing Film noir elements, present in the wardrobe, the black and white manor opening sequence while pairing it with a hint of pop to an overall 1980s sitcoms vibe/series B atmosphere.

Technically speaking, it was all about finding the right balance between animation and live-action and how to use both as narrative devices that could complete one another.

Directing, Writing, Producing and Animating your first music video ever can be both exciting but also quite daunting. Building a group of hardworking and passionate people around me was truly enriching and one of my best memories from this project. Everyone was so enthusiastic about creating something together after our graduation films and projects had to be canceled due to Covid 19. We all met for the first time on this shoot but we had all gone to the same uni (across UAL's different campuses). I was able to connect us all through acquaintances and thanks to the graduation showcase website that was put together in reaction to Covid 19.  

I am really proud of what we were able to accomplish within the budget we had by using a lot of imagination, passion, a few hours of filming, and a couple of days of animation. "

Music by

Namy @yutaka_takanami

Ayoni @ayonimusic