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Groundhog day meets Fresh Prince and the guy just can't get the girl.

Mathilde Nocquet is a French director with a great style and an off beat sense of humour.Here she directs her first UK music video Say Something for the American Producer, Nasser Baker. Inspired by 1990’s TV Shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Mathilde proposes her own vision of the classic Groundhog Day time loop, with a story full of sass and wit.

It follows the journey of a nerdy guy who relives the same day over and over again.He wakes up late, grabs his skateboard and goes to a house party. Every day he tries to talk to the most beautiful girl in the crowd but he always fails miserably...

<<All the music video is based on the main character. So, when we found Ehiz,( the lead actor) I was so happy! He clearly can pretend to be a cast from a 1990’s Tv Show. A mix between Steve Urkel and Will Smith.>> Mathilde Noquet