Nature Is

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A musical love letter to Mother Nature's power and fragility.

Singer Yvonne Hercules' new music film entitled Nature is... in collaboration with London film-maker Edie Amos was developed as part of the Nene Park Art Residency programme, supported using public funding by Arts Council England. The film is a poetic love story of the relationship between humanity and nature that explores the fragility of nature and its power.

Nature Is... features Yvonne's poem of the same name, and two songs ‘In the Quiet’ and ‘Nene’, written by Yvonne as part of her residency with Nene Park. The video incorporates Yvonne and her partner/ fellow musician Ovidius, as characters who represent the sentiment and roles behind Mother Nature and humanity.

Field recorded sounds from Nene Park can be heard throughout the song 'In The Quiet,' as it reflects on the clarity that comes with calm reflection. And Yvonne's second song Nene, taken from the name of Nene Park itself, is an
ode to the river which runs through Peterborough. Inspired by the Turkish word ‘Nene’ also meaning grandmother, the song explores the concept of the river as a matriarchal figure and the need for humanity to care for nature in the same way nature has served and cared for us.

Amos “I am always drawn to artists that convey strong imagery with their lyrics and immediately knew that Yvonne and I could collaborate to create something beautiful. Her songwriting is intentional, confident and filled with emotion and each time I listened, I heard something new.
Yvonne’s embodiment of ‘Mother Nature’ throughout the film focused on showing its contrasting qualities, the powerful matriarchal goddess versus the softer, more vulnerable side. Ovidijus’ purpose was to represent humankind’s appreciation for, and desire to engulf themselves in, the natural world and we decided to convey that through a traditional love story narrative.
We wanted to create something that took real-life matters, like love and climate change, and bring them into a dream-like, hypnotic world so that the viewer would feel a sense of escapism whilst subconsciously connecting with, and acknowledging, the message behind the film.“

Yvonne released her debut EP Gladiolus in 2018, which was part-funded through PRS Foundation’s, ‘Women Make Music’ scheme. Her music often references nature and wider issues that affect society. Her 2017 single, Roving was inspired in part by issues relating to police brutality and Ava DuVernay’s 2016 documentary film ‘13th’.