Nature vs Nurture

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Fashion film exploring family relationships and female burden within them.

Directed by Tulsi Shivaanand, winner of the London Independent Film Festival, Krucible’s first short film “Nature vs. Nature'' explores the female burden of family stewardship through the lens of a sibling relationship, and the fear of leaving behind an old self to pursue your own path.

It follows the story of Soraya and her brother Benjamin, confronting the trauma of their past and trying to find a way forward into a new world.

Shot by Isabelle Soole and written by Olukemi Lijadu and Alexander Barakat, the project brings women from all different parts of the world together to share their lens on the path to self realisation, family and everything that comes with it - the intimacy, the vulnerability, the warmth and the loneliness.

Screened exclusively at Krucible installation space in East London for one week in November 2022, this is the film's online premiere. It is the first instalment of a narrative driven film series that sits alongside Krucible's sustainably produced physical collections, used as the costume design for the film. The stories are told in “books”, defined by an overarching theme. The individual chapters in each of these books explore and dive deeper into concepts within that theme through different mediums including film, fashion, writing, music and more. Each creation stands alone as its own piece, but also plays an integrated part in the Krucible universe.

Tulsi further says: 'Love comes in many forms but it is the familial bond between siblings which I have always been drawn to. The love we have for a sibling is a blessing and a curse. In its purest form it’s an unconditional act of service and devotion but there is also a level of entrapment and its encasing is of our own making.I wanted to show an insight into a raw but beautiful sibling relationship. The obvious love but also shared trauma of carrying the weight of each other’s burdens. My intention was to create an intimate but melancholic film with voyeuristic moments where the audience is a silent observer, peering into their relationship.Soraya’s eventual departure highlights her taking ownership of her story and writing her next chapter. Watching the film I hope one thinks about where they come from, their own origin story and most importantly, where will they go next.'


DOP - Isabelle Soole

Writers - Olukemi Lijadu, Alexander Barakat