Novo Amor - I Feel Better

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The rebirth after heartbreak.

Amsterdam based director Lisette Donkersloot was inspired to use symbolic images in her adaption of the meaning behind the song I feel better by Novo Amor, the Welsh producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. We are taken on a journey which portrays the reality and process of a painful breakup - the betrayal, heartache, solitude and finally moving on and rebirth after losing someone you love.

Donkersloot “For this video I was inspired by several things. One being a Spanish performance artist and of course the track “I Feel Better” which I’ve really come to love, but mostly I wanted to capture the idea of recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. This paradoxal feeling where you on the one hand are dying to reconnect/ feel affection but simultaneously are equally afraid to let anyone new in due to trust issues and the fear of getting hurt again, so you
continue to shut people out and suffer in solitude. In my opinion this represents a universal feeling so I wanted to tell it from a gender fluid point of view. I am super grateful and pleased to have collaborated with Ali, he respected my vision from the get-go and gave me a lot of creative freedom.”