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A Los Angeles luxury real estate agent finds herself in crisis after making a strange discovery.

PARFUM, directed by Dylan Gee and starring Jessica Rothe and Payman Maadi, is a dark comedy about luxury lifestyle, love, and death.

PARFUM explores the absurd dichotomy between California’s ever-increasing obsession with luxury real estate and lifestyle culture (as depicted in Netflix’s hit reality show Selling Sunset) and California’s simultaneous increase in wildfires, mudslides, and other climate disasters. PARFUM had its international premiere at 2023 The Lucca Film Festival as part of a selection of international short films that explore environmental issues and it had it's North American premiere at the 2023 Hollyshorts Film Festival.

Director Dylan Gee says: 'As a Californian, over the course of my 26 years, I've witnessed the simultaneous increase in wildfires and luxury real estate obsession. The dichotomy between the two is both an anxiety and fascination that I wanted to explore in a storytelling medium.  My ultimate intentions with the film are to capture the violent absurdity of the modern 'California Dream' that has seduced so many (including myself!).'


Dylan Gee (@dygeezy)

Zoey Pressey

Reuben Walker

Brandon Somerhalder

Taul Katz