Priya Ragu - Kamali

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A striking and dynamic music video from Tamil - Swiss artist Priya Ragu inspired by the short film documentary 'Kamali'

Inspired by the short film documentary ‘Kamali’ directed by Sasha Rainbow, Tamil - Swiss Vocalist Priya Ragu’s music video Kamali incorporates both documentary and fashion. Kamali delves between these two realms as she occupies a space filled with metaphorical symbols that link to the film and Kamali's story. The short follows the story of seven year old Kamali, the only female skater in Mahabalipuram, India, who subverts the inevitability of her destiny with the support of her single mother, Suganthi. The short captures the essence of motherhood and the gender roles that follow. Priya said “growing up, we look at the world with curiosity and envision infinite possibilities without any limitation. For a lot of us, these possibilities and dreams get blurry by the way the roles of men and women are dealt out...I want to speak to all the Kamalis in the world to think bigger than that, to look further than that." The music video is vivid, poignant and akin to the content of the new Indian-independent film wave. This is illustrated through its tracking shots abundant with the faces of the population and the nuance in aesthetics of everyday life. Priya's mixtape damnshestamil showcases her purest work and is out now.

Sasha Rainbow “Priya and her brother first got in touch to ask permission to sample a section of the film where Suganthi, Kamali's mother says that young girls shouldn't be kept in cages, like birds. I was so moved how Kamali and Suganthi's story had transcended the film we had made into a piece of incredible music, so, months down the track when they came back and asked me to direct it, there was no question about it. They really wanted to make sure the doc was featured in it, so I needed to find the essence of the story and build a world that Priya could perform in that would bridge the two of them - we stumbled into a lot of symbolism which started with Suganthi's quote, and the circle became a predominant metaphor in the video, which we discovered was an ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent forces, continual change, and the evolution of the universe. In the final scene with Priya 'levitating' we actually brought her mother in for it. It was an incredibly powerful moment that will last with us all forever.”







@itssasharainbow - director

@mauriziovontrapp - exec prod

@supertrampkav - producer

@ nathalie_p - DOP

@sets_appeal - set design

@kierandw89 - movement

@neeshatulsichampaneria - styling

@wilsonhorweifok - hair

@barikhalique - Make Up

@david_davey_dave_higgs - edit

@jaxharney - colour grader