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From South Africa comes a vision of a futuristic reality guided by the forces of the natural and spiritual worlds.

21-year-old Katya Abedian is an award-winning South-African-Persian, self-taught film director, photographer and writer. She was born and raised in South Africa and her love for the African continent runs deep.

Juggling pursuit of film career with medicine studies, she's sunk her teeth into directing straight out of high school and has been making moves since - from short films to music videos. Her latest work is a collaboration with South African rapper & producer Sam Turpin.

'The film is reflective of a soul’s journey, protected and guided by spirits that are no longer confined to this earth nor blinded by it’s distractions. They reflect the higher wisdom that there is no beginning nor end to the journey of our souls, only greater depths and stages of learning, understanding and sensitivity', says Katia. "I wanted this piece to be quite a new direction from everything I’ve done before… It was important to me to highlight the individuality and unique strength, beauty and presence of each female character and the contribution they bring to the journey of Sam’s character.'

In doing so, Katya created a short filmic piece that is simultenously a music video and a theme study painting a vision of a futuristic reality that is balanced, anchored and guided by the forces of the natural and spiritual worlds.