Savage Sex In A Rave

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Hyper-sexual and subversive techno dance film set in gallery

Director Mimi Gehin debuts ‘Savage Sex In a Rave’, a hyper sexual, subversive and techno-y dance film for artist

Set in a gallery space, the performance artists become turned on by their own performance; sexually liberating themselves and in the process disturbing the relationship between the exhibitionist and the voyeur. We watch the dance unfold in such a natural and curated space, but it remains taboo and disconcerting; this is exactly Mimi’s intention as she explores the relationship between sex and shame.

Mimi and Sabrina Wong’s (Choreographer and Lead Dancer) successful collaboration lures and empowers the audience. It's sweaty and visceral, and like a sex scene in a film, you feel compelled to look away but can’t quite bring yourself to. Natalie Wilkin’s styling also perfectly complements the creative direction with the mix of perspex bondage garments, torn tights, ribbons and hospital bandages.

Gehin says: 'This idea was actually borne from the shared experiences of navigating sexuality, something the choreographer Sabrina Wong and I felt had been repressed not only due to our gender, but even more so, growing up ESEA (east and south East Asian) where sex isn’t as readily shared, taught or joked about in the west.

We came to the conclusion, that regarding sexuality (if we were to think in a binary way) the east would be more Superego and the west would be more ID.

These became discussions and it became this really cathartic collaboration! Sabrina proposed the idea of doing repetitive and harsh sexual movements, exploring how bodies can interact sexually (ID) and my idea was to keep these movements, especially in the beginning, as abstract as possible and somewhat restrained (superego).'


Director: Mimi Gehin @mimi_gehin
Choreographer/Dancer: Sabrina Wong @sabrinawonghc

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Doonan
Producer: Sidney Arthur @squidneyarthur
Production Manager: Georgie Dale @georgierdale

Dancer: J Bautista @jb_bautistaa
Dancer: Duane Nasis @duanenasis
Tableaux: Ethan Broweth @bushybroweth
Tableaux: Imi Smith @imi.smith
Audience: Charlie Arthur @charliearth
Audience: Cathy Gehin
Audience: Serge

1st AD: Sam Barnham @samuelcharles
2nd AD: Niomi Collins @niomiemmacollins
Runner: Izzy Davis @izzydaviss
Runner: Kamran Marzban @kam.marz
Sound Playback: Georgie Done @georgiedone
DOP: Jack Reynolds @jackreynoldsdp
1st AC: Ernest Tu @not.ernesttu
2nd AC: Anna Patterson @annapatterson_
DIT & Camera Car Driver: Monty Chaudoir @montsterrrr
Gaffer: Charlie Lodge @charlie_lodge
Spark: Dominic Compton @straightouttac_
Wardrobe Stylist: Natalie Wilkins @nataliecarolinewilkins
Stylist Assistant: Charlie Heath Martin @d2chm
Make-Up Artist: Jing Sayer @sayerjing
Make-Up Artist: Ashley Malley @ashleymalleymakeup

Editor: Chris Walker
Colourist: Megan Lee @colourbymegwan
Colour Producer: Olivia Jessops @_oliviarosejessop
BTS Photographer: Juliette Duffy @fendi_flaps
Studio: EightySeven Studio
Lighting: GLOfilmlighting @glofilmlighting
Camera: Arri @arri_rental
Catering: OnSet Flavour @on_set_flavour