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Forward ever, backwards never.

Tasked with matching striking visuals for the bold bass line and lush strings of the song ‘Breathe’, recently dropped by Swedish-Gambian singer Seinabo Sey, Stockholm-based director Sheila Johansson delivers this beautifully shot music video, set against Gambia’s lush tropical fauna.

The third and final installment of a trilogy of music videos directed by Johansson, the vignette proudly displays Sey's Gambian heritage with bold colors and picturesque landscapes, aptly underscoring the defiant spirit of the artist’s central message of black female empowerment. Seinabo wrote the lyrics while on a solo trip to Dakar, Senegal in early 2017, where she found herself "sitting there, thinking about why I really enjoyed being there. I love it here because I don’t have to explain myself to people... I realized that as a black woman, so much of our time is spent explaining obvious things about our culture or ourselves, when she would rather just be." The video features the artist alongside her childhood friends and their children.