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Two artists' ode to their parents.

Semitones is Filmmaker Tash Tung and Musician Lucinda Chua's collaboration exploring their Malaysian-British heritage and the sacrifices their parents have made for them. Hlafway between a music video and a short this understated film is a story within a story and with Chua's Dad featuring at the end it is a real homage to their identity as well as artistic process.

Tung and Chua <<We had initially sought to make a film about our shared Malaysian-British heritage - we thought the truest way to honour it was by being ourselves.>>

Lucinda Chua is a singer, songwriter, composer, and cellist, most notably playing in FKA twigs’ live band and one of NTS Radio x Carhartt WIP Artists 2019.

Chua << Tash and I made this film to show gratitude to our parents. We are grateful for the sacrifices they have made for us. We felt the truest way to honour this was by being ourselves. My dad, Tash and I each wear jade, a tradition in Chinese culture, as a symbol of many virtues and a reminder of our ancestors. Thank you Tash for making this film and being a constant reminder of how special our Asian heritage is, to @yangli for clothing me, and to my dad for coming to watch me play. >>

Tung <<This film is a portrait of both process and identity - who we are as artists and how we reveal ourselves through our work. We shot Lucinda’s live performance in a single 35mm take and recorded the room so if you listen closely, you’ll hear the mechanics of the camera and the film whirring through. Personal films are the hardest ones to make; I’m so grateful to everyone who made this with us on a hot bank holiday weekend.>>