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A bewitching night of double minds.

Two years into making music as an acclaimed producer, MC and songwriter this is Shunaji's debut song where she herself is singing. Nighthawks is the premiere of sophomore project 'Blue Melon' and is inspired by the vocals 70s Italian singers like Mina and Patty Pravo with textural layers of Joan Baez and Patti Smith.

The hook, β€œthe night denied, the night denied, the night...” is the emblem of desire, loss, lust and incertitude.


Filmmaker Guen Murroni << Shunaji and I bonded immediately as exploring the mind is a fundamental part of our work - in particular, when we met, dissociation. Based on Nighthawks' lyrics and Shunaji's own different versions of herself, we played around with the concept of doubles. We had very little to make this video but we pulled together a team, had some great support from the Roundhouse and we just did it. From the inner turmoil of a rapper during a recording session, to the flowing neon filled streets of night time Soho. >>