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An ode to the bad b*tch who cried, but never forgot who she was

A collaboration between New York-based multidisciplinary artist SIRA and creative director and producer Raven Irabor, BBDC(aka Bad B*tches Don't Cry) is a REMINDER.

It is a reminder of when you’re experiencing those heavy emotions to be vulnerable within your communities because bad bitches definitely DO cry, but we’re just not going to cry today. If you ever need to get in your bad bitch baggie go call your girls, get the incense burning, apply that face mask, put on your fav outfit that hugs the body just right, play this song and let’s dance and feel loved + supported by one another. Because that’s really what makes —a bad bitch. This music video taps into this feeling as we see SIRA’s journey of being in a state of sadness to a reclaiming of her energy. From energetic yet intimate moments in her room to pre-games that almost feels like a self-care getaway with friends. Carefree moments running through the city and a bad gal bashment to match. We dedicate this video as an ode to the bad bitch who cried, but never forgot who she was 🥂✨.

Raven says: This song and video is the definition of what it means to be in a community. The community around us (those who worked on the video and those who supported it) is what allowed this video to happen. As a director, I am excited that I have a creative partner in my best friend where we can bring our communities together to create a visual to uplift women and to remind women to get their BFFs together; tap into their feelings; and get back up because you can't keep a bad b*tch down.


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