Sisters - Summer Will Never End

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A girl left with memories that are impossible to hold on to

The music video for Syostry (Sisters) was meant to be an obituary for an ended summer fling. But hearing this song over and over again, the director Polina Varfolomeeva couldn’t help but feel melancholic about certain events in her own life.The feelings of a past that is never coming back were transferred to a script that can be read many ways. Some will see a story of a doomed relationship where one is always drawn from another, some will focus on the physics of vanishing memories. Most of the team were female and the video turned out very soft and atmospheric, seasoned by long exposure shots, with light movement, match-cuts and Gondry-inspired  crafted transitions.

Director Polina Varfolomeeva says: “After my husband left the country at risk of being drafted I felt extremely lonely and longing for our past. I was driving past places where we went together and realized he may never come back and we need to decide where to live and how to be together again”.


Music: @sistersowl

Director: Polina Varfolomeeva @varpholomeeva
DOP: Luda Kuropyatnikova @luduch
Producer: Ksenia Uryvaeva @_susich_

Starring: Anastasia Kruzhilina @_kruzha_, Kolya Bagdasaryan @bagdasaryannikolay
Casting directors: Valeria Vasilevskaya @yucsta, Ekaterina Biryukova @kbiryk
Choreographer: Lera Voynitskaya @voynits__

Wardrobe Stylist: Polina Brik @greeen.eeyee
Wardrobe Assistants: Zhanna Hering @zhannahering, Valentina Zaritskaya @_seroglazaya
MUAH: Galiya Begeeva @gluuka
MUAH Assistant: Maria Sadova @mary_sas_

Production designer: Sophia Tyutyunnik @soda_twins
Stage Hands: Vladislav Trunov @yolarrrace, Alexander Sidorov, Felix Moskalenko, Alexander Sheshko, Nikita Zudilin, Alexander Kanakin @kanakinsasha
1st AD: Alexander Vakuliuk @vacooluk
Production manager: Nikita Anipko @molotov_nick
Administrators: Alexander Osipov @sunnest7, Victor Gavrilyuk, Ilya Gerasimov @concise_boy
Catering: Olga Chizhenkova

Edit: Anastasia Politik @politikanastasia, Mikhail Inkov @ink_sta
Color grading: Andrew Bushmin @andrew_bushmin
Clean up: Alfiya Kindratieva @alfa_1_a
Titles: Misha Spike

Backstage: Polina Ashikhmina @pllnnn
Gaffer: Dmitry Davidenko
Lighting crew: Evgeny Maslyonkov, Mikhail Smirnov, Alexander Chernyaev
Focus-puller: Tonya Solovyova @tonyasol
Camera assistant: Yaroslav Naumov @naumovyaroslav