Skator - Himlakroppar

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A girl experiments with finding her own space in a relationship that's otherwise happy.

Daniela Rossi is an Australian born, Sweden based filmmaker. Born to traditional Italian parents in Melbourne, Australia, her cultural identity has always been one of conflict. The themes of identity and belonging are common themes within her work, often collaborating with artists who work with various methods of self expression.

Skator is Lina Högström, an Umeå raised singer/songwriter now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Himlakroppar (celestial or heavenly bodies in English) is about two people in a relationship, but one is always looking for a way out. This person can't help but feel doubt and need to escape, despite the relationship being good. Skator compares these lovers to stars; they each have their cycle in space, a predetermined path, until someday they meet, collide and explode, before disappearing into the ether.

The video features contemporary performance artist Anna Rauhala, currently studying at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, dancing throughout the suburbs of Stockholm on a day in November. With only 7 hours of sunlight, filming began at Lina's apartment, before moving onto an industrial area nearby. The open indoor location is an area on Södermalm distinguished by it's typical 1990's "funkis" architecture and bold colour palette, the day ending back at Lina's place to catch golden hour. The locations were chosen based on their 'playfulness' and aesthetic: there needed to be a variety of ways Anna could interact with the landscape, as well as a colour palette that both compliment each other and Anna's red hoodie.

Rossi "Himlakroppar (celestial or heavenly bodies in English) is essentially about all the doubts you face in a relationship, the anxiety, even when it's good. She sings of these people colliding like stars, together momentarily before exploding and burning out into the ether.
Lina came to me with the idea of our friend Anna dancing through an ordinary day - so I riffed off that, wanting to ground the character in what could be perceived as reality, but play with that perception through dance. Anna was a natural choice, she's so expressive; she's always my favourite person on the dancefloor and she tows the line between melodic and just straight up weird so well.

The last scene is my favourite, it actually wasn't rehearsed at all. We knew we wanted them to dance together but we thought we'd just wing it like we had done with everything else. So I pressed play on the last part of the song, then out of nowhere Anna pulls out these poetic movements that Lina mimics without fault, it was beautiful to watch. We did a couple more takes, but I knew the first one was it. These are the moments you live for as a director, the ones you don't plan. When things just fall into place and it's better than you could have imagined."