So Long: This Is Me

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A music video depicting a heartening portrait of a Hong Kong transgender man and his journey to defy his own biological destiny.

Elson Yau is a transgender man with a desire to conceive and carry his own child. Following a challenging transition process (which involved top surgery, i.e. double mastectomy - removing most of the breast tissue), Elson faced many years of anxiety depression, but continued to fight against his biological destiny; in pursuit for freedom and the fullness of selfhood, as well as motherhood. Elson chose not to complete his transformation and avoided a hysterectomy, in part because he dreams of giving birth to children.

Featuring a track by So Long, the MV directed by Hong Kong Director Kitty Yeung captures the beauty of his hermaphroditic figure and his body going into retrograde (re-entering the menstrual cycle, for example) if he were to discontinue his testosterone intake in order to conceive.

Kitty Yeung “The gender specification on a Hong Kong identification card can only be amended if one has a full sex reassignment surgery. Elson has to face routine discrimination, from going to toilets to receiving a teaching job, with his ‘female’ entry on his ID card.

Sharing Elson’s story through this music video is one of the most meaningful projects I’ve worked on, in hopes of promoting social recognition of transgender people.”

A month after the shoot, Elson got married to his husband (same-sex marriage is not currently recognised in Hong Kong, but because of Elson’s gender on his ID card, they are able to get married legally) and started a new life in Taiwan as a PHD candidate.



Lyricist/Vocalist:陳思朗@So Long @bernardcsl
Composer / Music Arrangement / Producer:陳樂霖@So Long@hanselchan55

Director & Editor Kitty Yeung @kittyyeungsikyung

Stylist Perpetua Ip @runwildrun
Costume Designer Kit Wan @kitwanstudios
Make Up & Hair Artist Cathy Zhang @zhanglooo
Prosthetic Makeup Artist Katrina Pang @katrina_pang_ (specialthanks to @ryanwyl )

Production Manager Patrick Wai @patrickwaiCinematographer & Colorist Sam Tam @sam.t_fotoncineCamera Assistant Avian Wong @avian_wong
Gaffer Roy Wong @roywong95
Best Boy Chris Leung @lsn_1012

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周耀輝歌詞班(一世唔畢業)同學會 @nevergrad.alumni周耀輝 @yiufaichow
香港跨性別資源中心 TGR @tgrhkig