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Both sides will make her stronger than ever.

LA based Brittney Parks, a songwriter, violinist and artist Sudan Archives, works with London based director Femke Huurdeman in this video to represent "an album [that] is about duality and also about being misinterpreted.'' Park's own experiences being a twin has directly influenced the album Athena. These dualities are performed by two dancers, Aina Coll and Afrika Nguema.

Huurdeman <<The video for Limitless was created based on the concept of duality. It’s about opposite elements and how, as a person, you can feel torn between multiple feelings. It’s not choosing the one over the other, but it’s about embracing we all have different layers, and once you know that, you can accept those complexities. A yin cannot exist without its yang, just like you can feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. Or, how you can be a vampire queen but still feel heartbroken. The dancers in the video represent the twins, dualities within Sudan, going in and out of sync, pushing and pulling. I wanted to portray Sudan as a fiery vampire queen, showing clearly her dark side whilst singing about more vulnerable emotions, yet in the end both sides will make her stronger than ever.>>