The Journey Of Self

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Set in one room, spanning over the course of one year, the traumatic inner turmoil of one young woman is exposed through the lens of therapy

‘The Journey Of Self’ directed by Evie Golding, starring Zakiyyah Deen, is set through each season of the year as the lead and only character embarks on her therapy journey. The cyclical nature of the script exposes different internal narratives, issues, wants and needs - ones we can all relate to. The audience being a fly on the wall in this confidential yet deeply human experience.

This Netflix-funded short wants to break stigma, taboo and boundaries, aiming to open up conversation, to provoke us, and to reflect on our own journeys as well as societal issues around us. Also, maybe above all, to paint a true portrayal of therapy and personal growth; the good, the bad, and the ugly - the reality.

With 'Journey of Self', her second short featured on Girls in Film, Evie Golding wants to expose the non linear experience of therapy which isn’t an automatic step by step incline, but more so a reflection of life playing out in a natural course of ebbs, flows and balance.  

The director says: 'I had the concept for ‘The Journey Of Self’ in my mind for years, I think those stories that you can’t forget are the ones we need to lean in to. So that’s what I did. The film is a compilation of my observations and personal experiences on the world - love, life, hurting, healing - and our mental health crisis. A detailed explanation of the intricacy of our relationship with ourselves and how we proceed with the world around us. I wanted to show a version of therapy and mental health that I felt was more realistic than what we have been shown before in film, while also playing into a stylised nature. As well, I wanted to comment on social issues that have placed us in this mental health crisis, which are played out through our lead. Through ‘The Journey Of Self’ I want people to perhaps have their tainted and taboo view of therapy and mental health altered and expanded. Also, to be able to look at ones self in a deeper way, with more compassion. I think seeing the light and shade, the ups and downs, in the film allows us to give ourselves more grace in our own journey. This journey of life isn’t easy, and if you want to grow it takes work, however it’s the most fulfilling journey if you do.'


Funded / Supported by: @netflixuK

Director & Writer: Evie Golding @ev_golding

Starring: Zakiyyah Deen @zakiyyahdeen

Production Company : @ukfullyfocused

Director of Photography: Bani Many @banivision_dop

Editor: Laura Reyes @laurar_cuts @homespunediting

Sound Design & Mixer: Benjamin Giddings @bubble.tv_

Clourist: Karol Cybulski @imkarol.colour @cheat_it

Online Editor: Steve Gibbs @bubble.tv_

Executive Producer: Rosa Powloski @powloskirosa

Producer: TM Lee @tmttml

Producer / 1st AD : Giorgia Ramella @giorgiafilms

1st AC: Devan Clarke - Sheward @devan_cs

Camera Trainee: Mia Campbell @campbell.phxtogrxphy01

Gaffer: Alex Verber @verbz_the_gaffer

Spark: Paul Kenna @bisky.rusiness

Art Director: Beth Golding @theeastldnstylist

Art Director: Katie Gibbs @gibbs_katie

Sound Recordist: Matteo Di Cugno @matteodicugno

Hair & Makeup Artist: Riana Juma @rbeaute_

Directors Mentee: Gifty Kyeremah

DIT: Adesh Sekhon @addysekhon