Thigh High - Nannas on a Rampage

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Nannas are bringing you gender-rage with a spritz of glam.

Directed by London based Issey Penwarden, comes a music video full of bad bitch OAP culture. Thigh High's singing duo wreak havoc and glamour from their Nanny wagon vehicle. in a true ode to their former lives as Thelma and Louise.

On their adventure we gradually discover the rest of the entourage (band) who play live and brain in a neon pink grungy warehouse.

Thigh High “we both grew up so inspired by the gender non-conformity of our grandmas, and this song celebrates the brazen strength of the iconic regional women who raised us. The ones who would put on a posh voice for the telephone, and then swear the moment they put it down. This is a fantasy anthem about what would happen if they, one day, just said ‘fuck it’ and did a Thelma and Louise.”

Isolde Penwarden "I had so much fun working with Thigh High on the storyline for this promo. Pulled together on a shoestring budget just before lockdown, I am forever indebted to the amazing team. Nannas on a Rampage is the first in a trilogy of visuals for the band, so keep your eyes peeled for parts 2 and 3. To be continued..."

Thigh High, fronted by a power duo consisting of Tom Rasmussen (pronouns: they/them) and Hatty Carman (pronouns: she/her) have been gigging on London’s queer music scene over the past five years and have garnered a devout following in the process.

Last year Tom Rasmussen, also known as ‘Crystal Rasmussen’, published their first book Diary of a Drag Queen (Penguin UK/FSG USA) and has since developed the show and script, along with various other projects in development with Kudos, Wild Card, and BBC Studios. 2019 also saw them named as one of the top 100 most influential young global voices in fashion by the British Fashion Council, while their 2019 Edinburgh show ‘Crystal Rasmussen presents the Bible 2’ was among the British Comedy Guide’s 20 best-reviewed shows across the Fringe festival. Tom is currently working on their second book, First Comes Love, set for release with Bloomsbury in April 2021.

Hatty Carman is a musician and artist and has been featured in Dazed, AnOther, LOVE, Man About Town and 10. She is the lead music writer for Thigh High and also has her own solo project — Princess Republic — for which she has just finished her debut EP. Hatty forms one fifth of the iconic drag king band Boyz, where her character Greenday is famed for being a teenage loser.