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An introverted teenager is desperate to feel like she belongs to her chaotic family but that means becoming a part of the chaos itself

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Tiggy Bayley is a writer, director and performer from London. Her latest film, based on her own experience, is an all too familiar account of the multitude of confidence obstacles young women face when growing up.

Tildypops is a very honest, heartfelt, sometimes deeply distressing and sometimes endearingly humorous portrayal of the layers of female adolescence. The film navigates the trials and revelations of a teenage girl as she attempts to navigate life, puberty, boys and family. All of which feel out of her control. Unable to make her voice heard outwards, her voice turns inwards and we are left with the inner workings of a young girl's mind as she chooses to find solace in pushing herself to be thinner, a 'good person' or 'perfect'...

Tildypops is tonally sweet, and yet offers a clear cut view of what young girls often feel - expectations. Expectations to not cause problems, not prioritise oneself, not be 'too into' boys and above all, not to expect to be prioritised.

Tiggy Bayley 'Tildypops is a deeply personal coming-of-age story based on my teenage years. It explores the universal transition from teenagehood to adulthood, but it also delves into the specifics of family life and trauma. Tiggy's real and honest response to her family’s dysfunction is touching and, at points, very funny. This allows the audience to relate to her struggle in a very human way.

In this way, I hope that the audience can relate to her struggle and her coming of age in a human way.

Tildypops was originally written for stage as a one woman show, the essence of which is in the voice over. It’s a dark comedy because I love dark comedies - I love how life is so tragic and so funny at the same time. I am often inspired by real life and, for this film, I thought long and hard about the events of my teenage years that are both meaningful and funny. It was in my teens that I began to notice the irony surrounding my family life. That my family’s behaviour is contrary to what one would expect from their appearance and this is often amusing.  

My aim is to tell honest, real and emotional stories. I want to use film to talk about the drama and pain that occurs in everyday life, whether in addiction, mental health or heartbreak. I am interested in bringing out the drama and sometimes the absurdity of everyday events. My inspiration comes from close observation of people in situations that allow them to reveal, often unwittingly, their inner thoughts and feelings.  

I want to document the female experience – not to preach certain rules about the way things should be but rather to expose the way they are. Think Bridget Jones for Gen Z.'


Director - @tiguilasunrise

Producer - @nicfergylee

Assistant Producer - @geoprit

Director of Photography - @oscar.cool_

Poster Design - @ianunderscoresmith

Colourist - @chiara.cope

Writer - @tiguilasunrise