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Between the sky above and screens below this world explores who are the gamers and who are the gameed.

South London artist Xi release their debut single Sentimental Sunset with a short film by director Beatrix Blaise.

Blaise << This video had so many different chapters. It felt epic in the challenge we faced making it... after ironically postponing our trip to Snowdonia because of a freak snowstorm, we made it there to find gale force winds hit within seconds. I almost fell off a cliff only to be caught by DOP Ollie Richards.

I can only hope the dangers we partook in to make this video made it worthwhile and translated through the film. I wanted to encapsulate the song’s authoritarian commentary into the threat of surveillance, unwarranted punishment and scenes that aren’t human, reality flipped. I like the balance between what’s real, what’s unreal, who the gamer is and who the gamee is. And a world where contained minds are revealed, characters isolated in their own world. >>