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The life cycle of a gun. A video on pursuit to take weapons out of circulation.

London based filmmaker Netti Hurley << Tef's story 'Broken Safety' shows the life cycle of a gun. Personified we see the gun pass through many hands, its existence never ending and its presence negative and extremely damaging. Tef wanted to create a piece that was raw without glamorisation with the purpose to raise awareness of gun crime within the UK today. It was a pleasure to work on this project with him and I hope it impacts those who watch it. >>

Tef << The rising supply of firearms, mostly coming into the UK from Eastern Europe, is expected to continue.

These weapons are put into circulation by people who will never understand the impact this has on our communities.

This film is dedicated to all those who have been victims of gun crime, whether they are alive or had their lives taken and to their friends and family. >>