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Trap music video inspired by Hollywood films set in ancient Rome and 70s musicals

‘Trapollo’, the latest drop from Polish artist Żabson, is accompanied by a music video from LA-based director Gosia Herman. The word ‘Trapollo’ is a combination of the Greek deity ‘Apollo’, with the ‘trap’ music genre. Following on from this wordplay, the video for draws inspirations from old Hollywood movies set in ancient Rome/Greece, classic musicals and music shows from the 60s and 70s, while remaining faithful to the classic rap performance video form. The stylised, vintage look and lighting, as well as the set design is juxtaposed with a contemporary looking cast to create a dreamy place detached from time and space.

According to Herman, the aim was ‘to create the entire soft, vintage look on set without any post-production involved to remain as close as possible to the visual references and inspirations. We used vintage diffusion filters and filmed some of the footage using the original 70s U-matic analogue recording format.’