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An unapologetically queer female gaze in this music video inspired by historic sapphic paintings

23-year-old singer Zolita's new single 'Come Home With Me,' is her latest feminist, LGTBQIA+ alt-pop song, and with it, the music video she co-directed with her partner Jacqueline de Gorter is a shining addition to the queer pop music legacy. The song is about picking up a girl at a party, but it also describes sexual exploration, and challenges stereotypical heteronormative narratives. Zolita has expressed how important queer representation in music and on screen is to her and to society, and her primary mission is to make music and work that speaks to the underrepresented and the marginalised. 'Come Home With Me' is inspired by vintage sapphic imagery, showing Zolita and Jacqueline being intimate in a way that severs the male gaze, and is a much appreciated addition to queer culture.

When Jacqueline and I came up with the concept for the video, it was more about an aesthetic choice, because we thought it would be cool to recreate sapphic paintings throughout history. But as we started to look into the paintings we wanted to create, we realized that most of them were done by men. So then we started thinking about how, throughout history, men have taken ownership of queer female experiences and then capitalized on them. We wanted to take that and recreate it from our own perspective, because we’re actually two queer women in a queer relationship.