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The militarization of the human being laid down on a sculptural canvas.

Agoria releases Embrace as a continuum of his exploration in the 'drift genre,' a movement expressing freedom in musical taste. Agoria's impetus lies heavily in connecting the creative, cultural overlap of the French electronic scene with art, film, fashion and artificial intelligence; only recently he took part in Sonar x Nasa's campaign where he programmed music to be transmitted into space. It is no wonder then that he looked to Lebanese filmmaker Jessy Moussallem to make an artistic masterpiece to accompany his deep stirring melodies.

Agoria says,"there was no question for me - I only wanted Jessy to direct the video for Embrace. She is fabulous and the only one who could film the right message of the song. Her ability to defend engaging topics with poetry always blows my mind. It's always more tricky to deliver positive messages than negative or cynical ones. The video is showing the training of soldiers, in their intimacy, facing their ego, their doubts. Most of all - it questions our own choices, our duplicity, the fears and the challenges of humanity."

Massoullem made her first mark on the filmmaking scene with an incredible video for Mashrou-Leila - where a feat of one hundred women were included as an ode to the strength and grace of Arab women. With Embrace she continues to show emotion in numbers, people are poised sculpturally and shots appear still for lengths of time - viewers rest in their emotion.

Jessy says, "my uncle was killed at the age of 22, two days before Christmas in December 1983, while fighting for a militia during the civil war in Lebanon. Growing up and hearing stories about him and his comrades I questioned the militarization of human beings; how these young soldiers are trained to kill, and at the same time willing to sacrifice their lives. This film explores notions of heroism and sacrifice while capturing the life of soldiers in training."