An Ode To Teenagehood

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(and dysfunctional families)

A film that pays homage to youth, subcultures and the poetics of authenticity.

Spanish-born Celia Arias is a Director & Stylist based in London. An Ode To Teenagehood feels to be a revival of the 90s-like theme of teenage being an identity. The characters in this aren't all teenage but the onus of shedding responsibility to others who don't admire our individuality - like any good creative should circa 90s-nirvana-esque angst- is the same. This film poses a world where only the artistry matters. Other complexities that we discuss in this modern world like ethnicities, genders and more, are not the focus. Everyone in this world is far beyond that, they are attached to their pure self. Or coming to be. No matter what society around them discusses. It is freedom without having to label it as such. So, more free than freedom, then. Love, then. We are left with the self-imposed question: does teenagehood dreams die in the individual over time, or can we continue it?

Celia Arias 'We all are incredibly fragmented as human beings. We all have conflicting desires and believes.This film is a meeting point of collective experiences, an insight into a 'quantum' family setting where everyone exists in the same space whilst navigating different realms of reality.

It’s not (only) so much about the individual styles but about their identity: the teenagers fragile-strength of character they arm themselves with to "be out" and present themselves into the World, glimpses of a family presence suggest that whilst some of them are finding their own identity others are losing theirs.

The observer is able to witness multiple points of view and have the capacity to observe different states of mind and emotion. This is a coming of age story with tenderness and chaos, but where love and companionship prevail above all.'


Director- Celia Arias @celia_makes_films

Cinematography - Manuel Mollá @manuelmolla_

Producer - Dagmar Bennett @dagmar_be

Director of postproduction - Manuel Mollá @manuelmolla_

Art Director - Sullivan Cayless @sullivancayless

Gaffer - Sebastian Hinds @chasing.frisson

Graphic Design - Óscar M Soriano

Make Up - David Gillers @jnx_mua

Hair - Ernesto Montenovo @ The London Style agency @camden4

Hair Assistant - Luca Maurelli @Mauro.luka

Stylist - @celia__arias

Stylist Assistant - Isabella Damazio @isabella.damazio

Starring - Blanket @blanket667 , Willow-Simone @willowsimonee , David Solomon @dsol1234 , Nathan Brown @nathan.b77

Music & Sound - by HIDDEN MOUNTAIN @hidden.mountain -Thomas Feriero, Francesco Leali, Riccardo Paparella

Featuring - "Sports Direct " & " Rat Race” By Kiss Me, Killer @kissmekillerband

Voice Over - Willow-Simone, Freddie Hart @freddiehart_

Recorded at Bison Studios @bisonstudiosldn