Tales of Courage

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A tale of self-discovery, growth, and the healing power of dance

Tales Of Courage follows model and dancer Harriet's journey through her voice and choreography. Told in three parts, we begin with Harriet at a point where she feels trapped, vulnerable, and disconnected from herself. While seeking to escape her situation, she discovers pole dancing, which transforms her both mentally and physically through her practice. With the pole as her anchor, Harriet finds a way to heal through expressive movement and trust in the process - channelling both her vulnerability and newfound strength. Meditative, purposeful, cleansing, and transformative, Harriet creates pathways for herself to feel deeply in a space where she and the pole become one.

The director Drue Bisley says: Harriet's journey was so naturally inspiring to me when it came to the visuals - which we told in three parts - white, black and red. Each section has its unique characteristic to take us through that particular moment in Harriet's life. For white, I wanted her to be presented as the perfect image of soft girl. The most ‘dressed up’ as a character that she is in the film. Not her true self. Her choreography stays low to the ground as she is in her most vulnerable, emotionally fatigued state. For black, we have a stronger graphic look for the discovery of Pole and finding a new connection to herself as a woman. And for red, the metamorphosis. Washed in red light, we see Harriet’s physical power in the choreography and shot choices, she is stripped back to simple and cool Homme Girls briefs and full body glitter, glued to her sweat from the graft she has put in. She’s evolved into her final form - found who she is supposed to be. Strong and happy in herself after her exhaustive personal journey. I didn’t feel the need to go big fashion in this film, we found a way to tell the story through clothes, but for them to support the narrative, rather than overpower with it. The balance for the finished piece was to feel polished and beautiful as a fashion film but also raw and authentic. Create a deeper connection with what a fashion film can be - using the genre to tell a story that can resonate and be meaningful. I read a quote from Rick Rubin the other day that said  'Art creates a profound connection between the artist and the audience. Though that connection, both can heal.' Tales Of Courage felt like a great starting point for me to explore this and now I see that pattern in my current projects.


TALENT Harriet Longhurst c/o Next Models
@harrietlonghurst @nextmodels

DIRECTOR Drue Bisley @druebisley @fecreatives

SCRIPTWRITER Kezia Navey @kezianavey
MUSIC COMPOSER Sølv @solvofficial

PRODUCTION COMPANY MAYOR Productions @mayorproductions
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Fabio Mayor @fabiomayor

SHOT AT LOCK Studios @lockstudios
ON-SET PRODUCER Sophia Dembitzer @sophiadembitzer

1ST AC Jonny Lewis @___jonny___lewis___
GAFFER Adam TRZ @adamtrz.gaffer

STYLIST  Marian Nachmia @mariannachmia
MAKEUP ARTIST Celia Evans @celiaevansmakeup
HAIR STYLIST Reiss Harris @reissalexander

STYLING ASSISTANT Marta Garcia @martagarciadiaz
MAKEUP ASSISTANT Amelia Conway @ameliaconwaymakeup

POST-PRODUCER Andrew Patrick
COLOURIST Daniela Rotaru @dani_simone_r

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Francesca Williams @franwilliams

CAMERA HIRE Onestop Films @onestopfilms