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PREVIEW: A fashion ode to inner strength and life purpose.

Essence of Nature traverses lands to meet its female characters. Each doused in one of life's natural fuels that a woman so often harnesses: water, fire, air and earth. Elemental? Naturally. But with 3D visuals each world is brought to life.

Using their powers to balance life these women are on a mission to realise their inner potential, ultimately making for a better world. But first they must overcome crises of the soul: indecision on what their purpose is.

The short film encourages women to accept their inner strengths and talents to get to the core of who they are. Perhaps reconnecting with nature is one way to curate our worlds the way we want to?

The whole project is inspired by the upcycled clothes made by a designer Liza @lookslikeparishilton. Sustainability became a large influence on the film, 'to remind ourselves that every resource on the planet is not infinite, so it’s crucial to remember where our roots are lying,' Kate Burduzhan explains.

'I used a lot of tools to deliver the idea. Through characters, posing, sound effects, voice- over, color-grading, CGI etc. Everything supports and reinforces how it should be in a film. It was especially important to shoot on Chromakey, because the images for which served as our references from fictional worlds: from the Amazons by nature and condition to the process of reincarnation like Sailor Moon. The main spine of the characters is the elements: water, fire, earth, and air. Because nature is inherent in us, everyone has their own.


A FILM by Kate Burduzhan @kateburduzhan

IDEA AND STYLING Liza @lookslikeparishilton
CG GENERALIST Ivan Vydumlev @ivanvydumlev
PRODUCER Lada Gronskaia @superclassgrons
DOP Vadim Nezrim @nezrimvadim
AC Sher Fayzullaev @sherfz
PHOTOGRAPHER Anya Kislaya @anyakislayabook
LYRICS AND VO Jenys @iamjenys

MUSIC Georgy Yakubov @milkovergirls
COLORIST Uliana Primak @uliana_primak
TITLES Nikita Levtsov @nektar.png
MUA Alexandra Ulianova @alexandra.ulianova Daria Kraskovskaya @daria.kraskovskaya
HAIR Tim Verenikin @tiim.vr Alina Mayskaya @miss.alinamayskaya
MODELS Liza Shakira @ohlizas Liza Ficus @bevissthet Yana Pronina @yayopronina Mari Psuturi @psuturimari