nalgae 날개

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Fashion short about celestial sisters bathing and relaxing at a creek, reminiscing on their past.

The visit of seonnyeo is the theme of clothing designer, Bokeum Jeon’s, latest collection “nalgae” meaning wing. Jeon, an artist and designer from Seoul based in Philadelphia, was inspired by how seonnyeo represents the strength and endurance of Korean womanhood.

The film is about seonnyeo, the Korean word from folktales meaning a celestial woman or sky woman. This folktale typically depicts seonnyeo descending to the human world to bathe in mountain springs and are typically shown with garments that are their wings which give them power.

Director and artist Caroline Xia decided collaborated with the designer, deciding that they would portray seonnye together with her sister.  

Xia says: 'I drew inspiration from childhood memories with my own sibling and the important friendships in my life. I’m inspired by these relationships and how we can laugh about all of the things that only we could share with one another and the unspoken ways we understand each other. I wanted the tone to be relaxing and introspective, just two celestial sisters who decided to come down to Earth on a hot summer day to spill tea and hang out for a bit. I asked them to ramble about their own real childhood memories growing up in Korea and any memories involving bodies of water. I aimed for the film to be realistic and like a snapshot of their inner lives. Yes they’re magical but they’re real too!'


Director - Caroline Xia @carolinexia_

Director of Photography & Editor - Rafhael Dungca @rafhaeldungca

Colorist - Joseph D’Aleo @joe_daleo

Musical Score - Brandon Iqbal @brandoniqbal

Garments Made by Bokeum Jeon @bokeum_jeon

Models - Bokeum & Lo @bokeum_jeon