Bree Runaway, Malibu Miitch - Gucci

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Gucci wants a girl they can call.

Gucci is Bree Runway and London based filmmaker Tash Tung’s second collaboration, following last year’s video for All Night. Building on their previous fashion and tech-heavy visuals, Gucci celebrates Bree and Black Excellence.

Tung "Bree said she comes to me when she wants to feel sexy! I was more than happy to level up our last ride in All Night with this vid for Gucci.

I really wanted to celebrate Bree’s heritage, skin colour, and her success alongside her obvious sexiness. So I pitched an idea of ascension to her - where she starts as a diamond in the ground and ends up as a planetary godlike figure. She loved it so much she even re-recorded some new lyrics to fit the visuals!

Every person on this team was so integral in making this despite challenges and (Covid) restrictions, and an extra special thanks to my producer, Eleri Evans!!"