Dawn In The Dark

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A family crisis interrupts the bedtime routine of little Dawn and her Uncle Nate.

On the eve of her father’s birthday, Dawn and her fun uncle Nate struggle over her bedtime routine. As the night progresses, phone calls bringing news disrupt the peace that Nate tries to instill. Tension is built between the pair as Nate struggles to conceal his panic from his quick niece.

Runyararo is a UK based Writer/Director. Most recently, she directed the second block of Netflix’s hit tv series, Sex Education, Season 3. 

Runyaro Mapfumo, 'One of the most frightening things we could face is the loss of a loved one. This film explores the difficulty of the moments before grief and the anxiety it creates through the lens of a young girl, Dawn and her teenage uncle, Nate. The situation causes a shift in their usually fun dynamic, to one that is a little more stilted and stressful. We explore how a loved and usually well behaved child tries to deal with such a turbulent and life-changing time. Dawn and Nate both see each other's changes in behaviour. Whilst their friends worry about homework, falling outs and parties, Dawn and Nate take on responsibility early and prematurely try to find their feet in this complicated season of life.'


Writer/Director @runyararo_m

Produced by @gracebridger

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