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A night's scene of luxurious partying distances someone's cries that 'something in the world ain't right'

Donzii from South Florida’s music scene express their sound as an amalgam of thoughtful experimentation and catchy backbeats. Like their sonic agility, the band's live performance flirts with the avant-garde, allowing for an exciting sensory experience at each show.

Teaming up with filmmakers Kali Kahn and Claudia Rodriguez, Luxury Condo Theme transports viewers to an ominous and aqueous underworld. Kali Kahn and Claudia E. Rodriguez are both Miami based artists and filmmakers. Kahn, with a background in philosophy and gender studies her work explores dialectics of morality, Rodriguez is Cuban-American, her interest for stories lies typically from femme perspectives, exploring the intergenerational dynamics of immigrant families and their children born in America.

The filmmakers and track's ethos is reflected in the video, a timely meditation on a society riddled with inequity. While some bask in excess and luxury, many are left want of basic human rights. Filmed at Wet Dreams Studio in Little Havana, the Miami-centric visuals depict a gormless crowd, hypnotically partying in their unquenchable thirst for fun, ignoring Balfe’s cries that “Something in the world ain’t right.”

Kahn & Rodriguez 'When we first heard the lyrics for Luxury Condo Theme “something in the world ain’t right,” we thought of the symbiotic relationship between power and corruption. Power becomes authorized through political and cultural influence, as demonstrated in this world of Donzii’s own creation.
Intoxicated by the catchy incantation and spellbinding lyrics, the frozen crowd awaits Jenna’s permission to dance. But as soon as the cracks in her armor are revealed, the spell is quickly broken and the audience pounces on the opportunity to seize control. Every chuckle, whisper, and eye-roll chips away at Jenna’s confidence and credibility more and more until she finds herself at their total mercy. The invisible hand of power has shifted and we are reminded of its insidious nature.'

The filmmaker's donation.

'We are donating $300 to For the Gworls–an organization that raises money to assist with Black trans folks' rent and gender-affirming surgeries–and would like to ask viewers to match our donation by Sunday, July 19th. Viewers who donate over $20 can DM their receipt on Instagram to @donzii so they can send you a free band shirt and sticker. '